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Title: My World Ends With You
Author: kindredspirit75
Pairing: Angel/Spike
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Angel Season 5-AU. Spike and Angel spend the night before the face-off with the Black Thorn in each others arms.
Warnings: M/M, angst, implied character death
Disclaimer: I own nothing and make no money from the characters depicted herein from BtvsAtS. This is for entertainment only.
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Angel tenderly kissed the top of Spike’s blond curls and drew his only childe a bit closer to his chest, unwilling to let him go on what could very well be the last night of their chaotic existence.

"Are you scared, Spike?"

Spike held back a sigh at the same question he had answered Angel for the third time so far. He wriggled in closer to his sire and raised his head up to give the brooding vampire a soft kiss.

“Be lyin’ if I said ‘no’, wouldn’t I? Do we really ‘ave to go over this again, Peaches?”

The sigh that Spike was trying to suppress finally slipped out.

Angel’s body stiffened at Spike’s irritation. He couldn’t hold a decent conversation with the small vampire any more without him storming off in disgust, but tonight, the thought of losing Spike forever was something he wasn’t ready for. He looked at the blond and lowered his eyes in discomfort.

“Sorry, Spike…” he mumbled almost inaudibly. “Just thought… you know… you’re always bugging me to open up … talk to you about… us.”

Spike rolled his eyes and sighed again.

“Yeah, now is fine, but not while yer cock is up me arse! Believe me, it ain’t a turn on…”

With a huff of exasperation, Spike squirmed out of Angel’s clutch and sat up on the edge of the bed. He reached down and grabbed his discarded jeans, fumbling in the pockets for his lighter and cigarettes. Tapping one out, he quickly lit up and pulled in a long, satisfying draught of smoke, closing his eyes at the exquisite burn in his lungs. When he had calmed, he looked over his shoulder at Angel and instantly felt remorse.

“Look, Angel… yer freakin’ me out wantin’ to talk about… us. Come mornin’, don’t think it’ll matter, yeah?”

There was a long, uncomfortable silence between the two until Spike finished off his cigarette and stubbed it out in the ashtray on the night stand. His gaze shifted to Angel’s face and his undead heart broke at the sight of tears slowly running down the big vampire’s cheeks as he rested against the headboard.

Angel turned away from Spike’s stare and waited for the snark that was sure to come, but to his surprise, no cruel words came from the blond. Instead, what he got was Spike crawling into his lap and licking away the blood-tinged tears.

“’M sorry, luv,” Spike murmured into the shell of Angel’s ear. “Not easy makin’ nice when ya know yer gonna die in a few.”

Angel wrapped his arms around Spike’s thin body in an almost bone crushing hug and buried his face into his neck. The pungent aroma of leather and cigarettes mixed with booze flooded Angel’s senses and gave him the comfort of the only family he had left.

“I’m sorry, too, Spike… it’s just so… mind-boggling… the odds of us surviving with what little resources we have.”

Spike knew what the odds were. What chance did he and Angel have against the hoards of hell, even with Illyria, Wesley and Gunn at their side? If he was sure that he would survive until the next morning, there was a demon down the street that was already taking bets. He took Angel’s face in his hands and looked into his still-moist eyes.

“Do ya love me, Angel? I mean… really… love me,” Spike asked, a touch of insecurity in his voice. Deep down, he needed to know the truth before he faced death; knowing that truth would sustain him or break him.

“I’ve always loved you, Spike,” Angel said softly. “Always… William. You’re my childe.”

It was Spike’s turn to grow misty-eyed as he pressed his forehead against Angel’s.

“Thank you… Sire,” was all that Spike could manage before his unwanted tears escaped and made a path down his sculpted cheeks.

“What about me, Spike?” Angel asked with apprehension. “Can you still… love me… even after all the hurt I’ve caused you?”

Spike blinked away his tears and nodded softly. “Yes, Angel. No matter what you do to me… my world ends with you.”

Angel closed his eyes and sighed in relief when he heard Spike slip into William’s refined inflection. If his undead heart could beat, it would be hammering in his chest for joy at having William back, even if for an instant.

“I’m sorry, Will… so sorry,” Angel whispered softly as he hugged Spike tighter against his chest. Then, as his vampire roared for permission to reach out and touch Spike, Angel gave his consent and sent it to the blond with his love.

The hairs on the back of Spike’s neck stood on end as he bristled at being called by his given name. He hated thinking about William, what he once was, but Angel had dredged him up, the memories crashing down on Spike like a dam bursting. Even his demon howled and begged for William one last time, for sire’s love that had been good when he was new, and there was nothing Spike could do to stop it. As his vampire welcomed Angelus’ demon into its arms and purred with joy, Spike slumped wearily against Angel, his small body shaking in defeat with silent sobs.

Angel rocked Spike in his arms like a newborn babe, shushing and murmuring words of love to his only childe. He was shocked at how small Spike looked now, overwhelmed and frail, clinging to him like a drowning man, and his heart ached. So many years wasted, so little time left to make things right again.

“Sshh… my little one. I have you,” Angel whispered softly and opened his blood link to Spike. For the first time in over one hundred years, Angel finally allowed Spike to shuck off his protective armor of snark and bravado to be the childe that he had always loved and lost.

It wasn’t easy for Spike to believe the love and memories and feelings that Angel was sharing with him through their blood bond and he was overwhelmed. Not since Angelus did the blond vampire dare to love, but here he was, ready to bare his soul one last time in the name of that love.

Spike raised his head and looked at Angel, his azure eyes searching for the truth in the chocolate eyes that gazed back at him.

“Make love to me, Angelus. Love me like you did in the beginning.”

Angel smiled at Spike, finally understanding everything.

“Aye, Willum,” came an Irish burr that Spike knew so well. Angelus had been returned to him in Angel’s moment of perfect joy and it was never more evident than it was now.

One of Spike’s hands reached behind Angel’s head to draw the dark vampire into a passionate kiss while the other slid between their bodies to grasp both cocks, stroking them to hardness.

Angelus moaned into William’s mouth before plundering his lips with a hunger that took the small vampire’s breath away. His fingers mapped and memorized every part of the lithe body against him so he would never forget how good it felt to touch his childe and hold him in his arms. Then, with a feral growl, he cupped William’s perfect ass cheeks in his big hands and lifted him onto his already dripping shaft.

Burning kisses scorched William’s pale skin as Angelus devoured him and he trembled with a desire so fierce that he thought that he would come undone. He panted for breath he could do without but that didn’t stop his head from spinning or his body from trembling with need. He peppered the dark vampire’s skin with kisses and ran his hands over his thick body, committing to memory every last nuance that was his sire.

William groaned with pleasure when Angelus lifted him up and impaled him on his cock, his hole still slick from their previous coupling. This time, their joining was desperate and violent, both vampires needing to restore the balance that they once had between them. William was the first to fly over the edge, throwing his head back and offering his throat to Angelus as he spilled.

“Please Angelus… make me yours again…”

“Mine!” Angelus roared and followed quickly after he had tasted the sweet nectar that was his childe, emptying his balls high into William’s bowels. Then, in a final act of consummation, Angelus urged William to drink from him while their demons rejoiced in the circle of blood and family.

“Drink, William… Be my childe, as it should be.”

~ * ~

When the two vampires stood side by side in the pouring rain, swords at the ready, all anyone could see was the fearless determination in their eyes. With shoulders touching, Angelus and William braced for the onslaught they knew was coming.

Angelus looked at William one last time and his steely glint softened for just a second.

“Let’s do it,” he ordered as the wind howled down the alley bringing death and destruction hidden within it.

William looked at Angelus for the last time and thanked him with his eyes. It was a fitting end for the both of them, he thought, just before a set of claws raked across his face.

~ fin ~
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