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Fic update: WAITING AROUND (pt 13 of ?)

The action of this story picks up immediately from the conclusion of Some Scenes From The Later Life of Two Heroes. If you haven't read that one, it was a sequel to a longer pair of Spike/Xander stories, which can be read here. The low-down: since her resurrection, Buffy has never aged, and has grown increasingly distant from her surviving adult children and their families. In this far-future fic, after a long lifetime partnered with Xander, Spike has buried him and is at a loose end. He and Buffy have a series of encounters spread out over months, and after averting an apocalypse together, return to London for what might be the beginning of a long-postponed affair. But the past casts long shadows into the present, and the future ....

In this part, Buffy and Spike tussle over their next move.

Read it at herself_nyc_fic, or at my IJ.

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