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Dark Ficlet: MY BLOODY VALENTINE - 1/1 BtvsAtS-AU - Spike/Angel - NC-17

Title: My Bloody Valentine
Author: kindredspirit75
Fandom: BtvsAtS-AU
Pairing: Angel/Spike
Rating: NC-17
Summary: The two unsouled vampires find each other on Valentine's Day.
Warning: Dark themed, rape, vampire sex, character death. Do not read if you are squicked by dark subject matter.
Words: 964
Disclaimer: I own no rights and make no money from the characters depicted herein from BtvsAtS or their entities. This is for entertainment only.
Feedback always welcomed.

My Bloody Valentine

The smell was the first thing that Angel noticed as he stepped into the decrepit mausoleum. The odor of cum, some fresh and some old, mixed with the stench of death. The distinct aroma of his childe’s ejaculate was unmistakable and Angel’s gut clenched. It had taken him over one hundred years, but he had finally found Spike... his William... his favored childe.

“Spike?” Angel called out hesitantly as he looked around the garbage littered crypt. The slivers of moonlight peeking through stained glass shone on a multitude of defiled corpses strewn about the cavernous room; all had been brutally pulled from their resting places, the coffins smashed by an unknown hand.

Angel couldn’t believe his eyes as he moved through the macabre maze of death and destruction. Surely, only the most demented of humanity would be capable of dishonoring the final resting place of the dead.

The hairs on the back of his neck stood up as he steadily made his way deeper into the darkness where he had heard voices, sobs and ungodly screams. Rats squeaked and scurried away as the big vampire trod over their feasts of rotten flesh and he cursed them, remembering the dark days when he had fed off the vile vermin in a desperate attempt to survive.

Suddenly, a long, anguished scream followed by a savage roar brutally assailed Angel’s senses. He ran in the direction of the sounds coming from a dim corner and stopped dead in his tracks.

A pale, naked figure was kneeling over the nude body of a woman, her legs splayed out lewdly, exposing her bleeding sex for all to see. The small man grunted quietly as he finished jacking off onto the already cooling body, oblivious to Angel’s presence.

“Spike?” Angel had barely whispered his name, but the blond vampire had heard him.

Spike’s head snapped up and he looked over his shoulder, his yellow eyes blazing at Angel.

“Bloody fuckin’ Sire!” Spike spat out before he slowly stood and turned to face the bigger vampire.

Angel smiled at the sight of his childe standing naked before him in game face, his half-filled cock looking delicious.

“It’s Valentine’s Day, Spike... I told you the last time you left me that I would find you on Valentine’s Day,” Angel said softly.

“Pfftt! Only took you a hundred bleedin’ years, ya wanker. Where the fuck ya been all that time?”

“Hell...” Angel said somberly.

“Oh...” Spike nodded in understanding and shook his demon face into it’s beautiful human facade.

Angel looked down at the woman by Spike’s feet. Her throat had been torn out and the last of her life's blood was slowly oozing away.

“Am I too late to join in the fun?” Angel asked, licking his lips. He could tell that, even in death, the small female was powerful. His cock was already half hard from seeing his childe again and the thought of sharing the woman’s tantalizing blood with Spike was making him harder by the minute.

“Did you know that the blood of a slayer is a powerful aphrodisiac?” Spike purred as he reached down and put his fingers into the woman’s bloody vagina.

“Spike... she’s a slayer? You little shit...”

Angel gasped when Spike offered him his bloodied hand. He grasped his childe’s wrist and hungrily licked it clean, moaning in ecstasy at the sweet nectar.

“Name’s Buffy, if you care, luv. Fucked her a couple times, I did... thought I loved her,” Spike said wearily. “She didn’t love me back. So, decided to torture the bitch, have me one good lay. Then, I drained her..." Spike smiled nonchalantly as Angel finished lapping the last drops of blood off the small vampire's fingers.

A low growl escaped from Angel's lips before he grabbed Spike’s head with both hands and pulled him into a hard, hungry kiss.

“I need you, William... now...” Angel breathed into Spike’s mouth as he rolled his shoulders and let his leather duster fall to the floor. His cock was already fully loaded and aching for his childe’s tight, luscious hole.

“Need you more...” Spike moaned and immediately undressed his sire between exchanging hot, raw kisses that soon turned into hard, angry bites.

The two vampires fell into game face and dropped their fangs. Angel pulled Spike roughly against his chest and ran his canines over the claim mark on his throat.

Spike moaned loudly and bucked his hips hard into Angel’s groin, making sure the older vampire felt his need.

There was no time for a slow, sweet fuck between the two. It had been one hundred years since they last saw each other and it was all about claiming. Angel needed to mark his childe and Spike needed to be reclaimed by his sire, plain and simple.

Angel roared and threw Spike down onto his hands and knees, entering him brutally without preparation. He pounded into him mercilessly and it didn't take long for Angel to fall over the edge. Grabbing Spike’s hair, he pulled his head back so that his throat was exposed, then bit down hard, shuddering his release at the first taste of his childe's precious blood.

Spike cried out and convulsed to orgasm without being touched as Angel drank and flooded his bowels with his cool seed. Before he collapsed, Angel caught him and shoved his wrist against his mouth.

"Drink, Childe," came the soft order. Spike gave a muffled moan and sank his teeth into Angel's flesh and drank deeply, savoring his sire's powerful blood.

When the two were sated, they lay quietly against one another, neither talking, just reveling in the feeling of being together once more. Then, after a few minutes of soft kisses and tender caresses, the two vampires reluctantly dressed and left the blood and gore of the mausoleum behind. The sun would be rising soon and sire and childe had a lot of catching up to do.

“So, tell me about this Buffy,” Angel smiled at Spike as they hurried toward toward Spike's flat.

“The slayer?” Spike had a touch of melancholy in his voice.

“She always said I was beneath her...”

~ fin ~
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